About Us

The Gottfried Group was formed in 2013 as an Limited Liability Company licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. We are a small business dedicated to engineering attractive, functional and search engine friendly websites with a focus on affiliate marketing. With over 50 websites built over the last 5 years, our expertise in attracting new visitors and fulling their needs for a recommended product is second to none.

All websites built by the Gottfried Group employ “white hat” search engine optimization techniques which have proven time and again to be successful even after many updates and changes to the Google algorithm. We remain one of the top online marketers of casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and bingo halls, as well as other consumer products.

Our goal is to always build attractive and functional websites that suit our visitors needs and recommend a reputable product for them to enjoy. We follow a simple philosophy that we build websites that we ourselves would find informative. Content is always our number one priority and we put less focus on appearance and making the website “pretty”. While we do use graphics and logos, we feel less is more in many cases and we always remind ourselves to to keep it simple.

Being members of such organizations as the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association, the Casino Affiliate Program and Poker Affiliate Listings, the Gottfried Group has built a solid reputation as a fair and knowledgeable company on the leading edge of web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and online affiliate marketing.

We also operate a gambling website portal directory (www.egamblingportals.com) which lists our own as well as other websites that relate to online gaming. Like most online directories, eGamblingPortals separates the websites by the type of online gaming they cover and our directory includes online casino portals, online poker portals, sportsbook portals and online bingo portals. The directory is built mainly for webmasters but recreational gamblers can also find some great websites to help them choose where to play.

For more information feel free to contact us