Affiliate Marketing 101

If you have ever wondered what affiliate marketing really is and what it entails, we have put together a brief explanation and some key points which have helped us be successful at a fun but challenging business. Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme by any means and one has to be truly dedicated to their business to be successful at it. A great advantage to affiliate marketing and especially online affiliate marketing is that it costs very little to start and the monetary rewards can be huge. The sky really is the limit however you will only get out of it what you put in to it.

Affiliate marketing is a simple business of marketing and/or selling a product or service for another business. You do not own the product and do not carry any inventory. You are simply recommending or giving information on a product or service and if you refer a buyer you are rewarded for doing so. In most cases you are rewarded monetarily but there are other ways of being paid for your service, whether it be free product, trips, discounts or other means. If you are paid money for your efforts you generally will receive either a flat commission for each unit sold or a percentage of the revenue made by the business you are promoting.

How to be Successful

One advantage to affiliate marketing is you are starting your own business where you are the boss. You will not have to keep a schedule or be required to work a certain number of hours but you must put in the time needed if you plan to be successful.

One key to success is to believe in the product or service you are recommending and be knowledgeable of the product or service. We started our affiliate business promoting online poker rooms because we enjoyed playing online poker and knew a good deal about it. We could honestly recommend certain online poker rooms as better than others because we actually played at them.

When we moved on to promoting online casinos we didn’t know a lot about it. We knew the games from playing at land based casinos but very rarely did we ever play online. The first step we took was to open a few online casino accounts and started playing for free. Then after we condensed the list down to online casinos we thought we would recommend based on the actual online casino itself, we made a few deposits and played for real money. This gave us the knowledge to be able to write reviews from actually playing at the casinos and were able to write from a players perspective. We found many features and quirks of the casinos that we never would have if we had not played.

Whether it be affiliate marketing for online poker or casinos, or whatever product you decide on, it is very important to use the product or service you are promoting. This will give you the ability to write a believable review and gain trust with the customer as your reviews will be honest and true.

The next key is to put in the time. If you decide to promote what you are selling over the Internet and either build a website or have one built for you, do not expect to have much success for at least 3 months. It takes quite some time for the different search engines to find your website and then to rank it in a manner where your potential customers may find it. We did not start earning any money for at least 6 months and it was closer to 1 year before we started to earn a sizable income. Don’t get frustrated as time goes by with no earnings. You have to stay the course and continue to make your website better even though you are not being rewarded for it.

Keep your content and reviews fresh. You should set time aside every day or week depending on your schedule to revisit the product you are promoting so you can update your website. If you offer old or inaccurate information you will lose trust with your customers quickly. Be sure to be diligent in keeping your information new and fresh.

So Our Top 3 Keys to Success Are:

  1. Believe in Your Product or Service
  2. Use the Product or Service You are Promoting
  3. Keep Your Content and Information Accurate and Fresh

If you follow our simple guidelines set above you can be a successful affiliate. Again, it is not a get rich quick business and you must put in a lot of time to be successful, but if you do the rewards can be huge and virtually limitless. There is a lot to be said for being able to work out of your home on your own schedule and if you get frustrated or do not feel like putting in the time, just think about being able to quit your regular job or not having to get a regular job. My motivation is that I do not ever want to have to work for someone else again!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for online poker and/or casinos, see our website which lists the best affiliate programs to work with. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts with these programs and they themselves are very helpful in getting you started and your overall success. They want you to succeed because after all you are selling their product. When you make money they make money!

Look for more information and keys to being a successful affiliate in the near future here on our website. Be sure to see our Home Page for more information and also check our recent news page from time to time for articles related to affiliate marketing and the different programs we work with.