Our Partners

As affiliate marketers, we are only as good as the products we recommend. For that reason we have only partnered with the most well respected and established online gaming operators. In business for over 5 years we have had our good and bad experiences and when starting out wish we could have found a resource which recommended affiliate programs to work with. As a courtesy to new and existing webmasters in the affiliate marketing business, below are the brands and affiliate programs we work with and recommend.

Our Top Partners and Affiliate Programs

Affiliate EdgeAffiliate Edge – Affiliate Edge represents popular casinos such as Aladdins Gold, Lucky Red, Club World and others. In business since 2004, Affiliate Edge has dedicated managers in place whom will work hard for you. If you need graphics, landings pages or other special materials for your success they are always willing to help. Their homepage can be found at www.affiliateedge.com

Commission Account

Commission.bz is the affiliate program behind the online gaming giant BetOnline. BetOnline offers a full service sportsbook, online casino and poker room. All three products can be accessed from the same account and they all welcome USA players. In business since 2001, BetOnline is a great destination to send all of your players and you earn from all three products. Send a casino player that also plays poker and/or bets on sports and earn additional income! Check out the affiliate program at www.commission.bz

These are a few of the affiliate programs we work with ourselves. We highly recommend you at least make contact with them and discuss their programs. As with any business you will find certain products may work well for you and not for others and vice-versa. Starting out try a variety of different programs in different spots on your website. Then track each of them to see which perform well and where they perform the best. There is a lot of trial and error involved but by using our top programs you will at least know you are off to a good start.

What to Look for in an Affiliate Program

There are certain characteristics to look for when deciding to work with a particular affiliate program. Remember you as an affiliate marketer can only be as good as the products you promote. If the affiliate program you have partnered with isn’t dedicated to their brands you cannot expect to be successful. Look for these attributes when deciding whether to partner with a particular program.

  • Dedicated Account Managers – emails should be replied to within 1 to 2 hours at most. Always within 24 hours.
  • Pays Quickly – If the program doesn’t pay you quickly how fast are they paying players? Slow pay is sure fire way of alienating players. Casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks must pay within 2 weeks of requesting a withdraw.
  • Unique Landing Pages – While a unique landing page is not imperative for every link or different casino, you should have a co-branded landing page for at least your top program.
  • Good Back-end Reporting – You need the tools provided by the programs to make sure your campaigns are optimized and performing well. If proper reporting isn’t available it is a good indicator the program is not serious about their success.
  • Realistic Earning Potential – If a program promises unrealistic earnings like 40% conversion rates or over a 50% revenue share avoid them. A good program will convert about 30% of new sign ups into real depositing players. Also a revenue share of over 50% is not sustainable. Programs which over promise will either bankrupt themselves or cheat you out of earnings to stay profitable. Some programs will offer introductory rates higher than 50% which is OK. Long term commitments over 50% should be avoided.

As our first main website www.usalegalcasinos.com climbed the rankings in Google we found affiliate programs emailing us on a daily basis. Some programs which when we were smaller affiliates didn’t want to work with us or treated us quite poorly. You can imagine who had the last laugh in that scenario.

As affiliate programs begin to contact you and want to partner with you, remember to negotiate the best deal keeping in mind that radical or extreme promises will never last. A good revenue share deal will be 40-45% revenue share and you can also add in a hybrid deal guaranteeing payments for new players. A top deal will be to get 40-45% revenue share with a guaranteed $150-$250 per player. This type of deal guarantees you revenue for each player you bring to the casino. The above deal will pay you either a set amount ($150-$250) per player or 40-45% of revenue, whichever is higher. You may need to give the casino special placement to secure such a deal but it will be well worth it. Anything above those levels and the casino will find it hard to be profitable.