Promoting Online Casinos

Promoting online casinos can be very lucrative and is is probably the most profitable type of online gaming affiliate marketing. If you can gain search engine rankings for competitive keywords you can be very successful. Online casino affiliate marketing is more dependent on consistently gaining new real money players than any other type of affiliate marketing, but if you can successfully gain new depositing players on a regular basis the sky really is the limit.

Casino verses Poker Affiliate Marketing

While you may think online casino and online poker marketing are very similar, in actuality they are not. Online casino marketing requires the ability to reach new potential players and converting those players more so than promoting online poker. Casino players do not seem to have the same amount of loyalty to particular brands like most online poker players. Many online poker players will play at the same online poker site for months and even years, while online casino players bounce around from casino to casino in order to receive bigger bonuses.

In order to be a successful casino affiliate you must be able to gain access to the large pool of new and existing casino players looking to sign up at an online casino. If you are able to convert those players you will be very successful. As a rule of thumb, each new casino player you convert is worth about $300 – $500. While this number may fluctuate from week to week and month to month, in general that is the lifetime value of each new player. Using $300 as a revenue guide, if you can convert 100 new players you would earn $30,000 in profits!

Because casino players are not very loyal to any particular casino it is important to continuously attract and convert new players. Unlike poker where you can earn $100 per month from a single player month over month for a year or longer, the average casino player will only redeposit at the same casino about 30% of time. The average life of a casino player is roughly 45 days, meaning on average, after 45 days you will no longer earn any income from each new player you convert. This is an average and some players will play for months and even years while most will only play for about 3 to 6 weeks.

Because the life span of a casino player is only 45 days, you can see why it is important to always be signing up new players. If you find yourself ranking well for a competitive, converting keyword, hold on to that keyword for as long as you can.

Our Strategy

While of course we cannot give out all of our secrets, one important hint is to choose your keyword or keywords carefully. The keyword you choose will determine whether you reach any new casino players and how many.

If you are just starting out you should consider choosing a longer tailed keyword phrase which you will be more likely to rank quickly for on the search engines. For example, if you are just starting out and expect to convert new players with the keyword “online casino” you will not be very successful. The keyword “online casino” is very lucrative and the competition for such a keyword is fierce. It will take a lot of hard work and time to have your website gain position in the search engines for that keyword. You will better served to choose a keyword such as “online casinos for American players” or “best online casinos for video slots”. By having a page or website optimized for the longer tailed keyword the chances of gaining position quickly and converting some players is much more likely.

After you have successfully chosen and optimized a keyword or keyword phrase you can move onto more competitive keywords. Build a site where you can optimize several pages for a specific keyword or phrase and continue adding to that website with more competitive keywords and phrases. If you choose a highly competitive keyword from the start you may find yourself frustrated and not earning any money. First “play” with a few keyword phrases which you believe you will be able to rank well with quickly and move onto more competitive phrases once you start to convert some players.


You can make a lot of money by successfully marketing online casinos but the revenue stream is not as consistent as online poker marketing. Casino marketing requires you have the ability to attract new players and converting those players on a regular and consistent basis. The reward is high for casino marketing but so is the risk. You can find yourself earning tens of thousands of dollars per month but if you lose your rankings for converting keywords you will find your revenue drop quickly and substantially.

Whether you are promoting online casinos or online poker rooms, the programs you align yourself with is also very important. You want programs that support your work and have great reputations for player support and offering a great product. You can see the list of programs we work with ourselves on the Our Parnters page. These programs have great track records and pay affiliates promptly.