Promoting Online Poker

Promoting online poker rooms can be a great business or even a hobby if you wish. Promoting online poker sites is not a get rich quick scheme by any means, it takes a lot of hard work and time to be a successful poker affiliate. A great advantage to promoting online poker sites is that players are usually very loyal to the site which means a steady stream of income for the affiliate. We starting promoting online poker sites just for some free money to play online poker with. Now we have made a business out of it and you can do the same thing.

Poker Verses Casino Affiliate Marketing

While promoting online poker sites and online casinos are similar in the basic strategy you employ to attract new players, revenue varies drastically between the two. Promoting online casinos you can be very profitable in a shorter amount of time than poker, but poker provides a more consistent, steady revenue stream than online casinos do. You will need to attract many more poker players to equal the same amount of monthly revenue as you would for casinos, but you will enjoy your revenue stream much longer with online poker.

Loyalty to the poker sites is a huge advantage to promoting online poker. While the amount of revenue contributed by a poker player is far less than that of a casino player, it is revenue that can be expected to continue much longer than revenue from a casino player. Poker players are very loyal to a poker site and will not join new sites just to receive a bonus. The opposite is true for casino players. A casino player will join a casino and make a few deposits to claim their bonus. Many times that player will then move on to a new casino to take advantage of the bonuses once again. When promoting online casinos you must continue to attract new players every month to earn a substantial amount of revenue. For poker you will benefit from the revenue generated from that player for months to come but the revenue will be much less per player. The key to poker is to also continue to attract new players and as you build your player base you can expect to receive revenue from those players for months to come.

With poker you receive a revenue share of either the rake generated by the player in real money ring games or the tournament fee’s paid to join multi-table or sit n go tournaments. While you will gain a few online poker players that contribute a good amount of rake, the average revenue per player is much lower in poker than casino. This is because you are only receiving a percentage of the rake or fee’s paid and not the total amount wagered like at casinos. You earn a percentage of the rake and fee’s instead of a percentage of the total loss like casinos.

Once you find yourself with a good number of real money poker players you can expect that revenue stream to continue for quite some time. We have players who continue to play at the same poker site for over 5 years and we get a percentage of that every month! Poker revenue is much more residual than casino and you can expect to receive a more steady stream of income for a much longer time than casino players.


Being a poker affiliate can be a great business. Once you attract a good number of players you can expect the revenue generated to continue for quite some time. Do not expect to get rich quick but through consistent hard work you can build a great poker player base and enjoy the income for months and years to come.

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